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Help (v2.1.4)

Version 2 provides a snap-in registered to the machine and a module that can be installed by a user without administrative privileges. The module is installed to a user profile but can also be installed to a secure machine location for use by all users. The snap-in and the module provide the same set of cmdlets, but the module does provide additional functions and aliases for backward call-compatibility with version 1 cmdlets.


Release 2.1.4 contains two different packages you can installed. Either or both can be installed, but the Module.msi package is recommended since it provides additional functions listed below.

To use either the module or the snap-in from from this release, you must install Windows 7 RC.


After installing Module.msi you can load it using the import-module cmdlet as shown below.

import-module MSI
After the WindowsInstaller module is loaded, both the following cmdlets and functions are available.


After installing SnapIn.msi you can load it using the add-pssnapin cmdlet as shown below.

add-pssnapin psmsi
After the psmsi snap-in is loaded, the following cmdlets are available.


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