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Why I started this project

Back in the day I used to create Windows Scripts (.vbs, .js) but these were rather static and could only output a simple text report. I often got requests asking if I could modify a script to do something slightly different for some people. So I had lots of script variants laying around on network shares. This became tedious.

Then along came Monad - then codename for what became Windows PowerShell. Immediately, the benefits were obvious: piping objects to discrete commands to produce different variations is exactly what I needed.

I started planning for the demise of my old scripts as soon as I heard about Monad and soon after this project was started on this then-new CodePlex site.

Direction of this project

After considerable thought, I decide that the direction of this project was more of a read-only administrative solution to repairing machines. As a developer on the WiX toolset - having designed and implemented such features as ref-counting, sticky patching, and the designs for some others like the logging and expression support - I appreciate and fully support that changes to setup packages should be made to the original source or, if repackaging, harvested and rebuilt. As someone asked to beta test Windows Installer 1.0, I've learned too many times over just how difficult it is to get setup packages working correctly and even a simple oversight can become disastrous with little chance to fix it once deployed.

Feedback is appreciated

I still want to provide solutions to reasonable requests for different variations, whether that means adding an example to the documentation or writing a new cmdlets to make a job easier. What's changed is that it's all easier using this project's cmdlets than writing new variations of scripts.

Feel free to click on the discussios tab and add your question or comment.

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